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What is the first step to a great showing? 

The answer is not just to call Joe, it's to be prepared! Before going out and finding that dream home, Joe will connect you with one of his superb team of lenders that matches your particular needs. After getting pre approved for a loan, Joe can work backwards from the payment amount per month you desire to find the right home. Being approved for a dollar amount does not mean the same payment everywhere, as things like taxes and HOA's can vary greatly from property to property. Knowing the amount you want to pay will allow for Joe to account for these things when out looking at homes, so you end up in a place you feel comfortable you can afford. 

Real Estate Guidance

Navigating the complex world of real estate can be overwhelming. Joe is a seasoned expert that is here to guide you every step of the way. From finding your dream home to closing the deal, Joe will provide unparalleled real estate guidance and support.

Property Valuation

Whether you are buying or selling, pricing a property is extremely important to do correctly. Joe can help you accurately assess the value of your property and maximize the amount of dollars staying in, or flowing too your bank account. To do this, Joe provides a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) to assess, analyze and compare the subject property to others. This ensures you're not overpaying, or listing your property for sale less than its worth. 

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